Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nintendo 3ds review

So I got my hands on one of the new 3ds!
It comes with a lot of great software already installed, sort of like apps.  I actually found myself enjoying the apps more than the launch games!  It actually feels a lot like the DSi but a little larger screen.

At first I wasn't going to get one, because I heard of short battery life (3-5 hours tops).  While these claims are true, it's still an absolute blast to play!  I just hope a new model is released soon to upgrade to!

And when the good games start coming (Can we get a good final fantasy original??!)  This bottom picture will describe me perfectly!!
So the Nintendo 3ds is defintely worth a buy if you are willing to wait on the good games we all know will be coming!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pokemon love

So if you're anything like me you grew up with pokemon.  The comics that come out recently crack me up!!   Here's an epic story for you, completely true.

I liked this girl in 5th grade elementary.  Red version had just come out and I was reading the booklet in class, and I asked her what her favorite pokemon was.  She looked through the booklet and settled on Eevee.  So I caught one in game and named it after her and kept it in my party!
 One day I finally asked her out, and I got shot down pretty harsh.  I think there was laughter.  I went home and used a firestone to evolve my eevee into a flareon, to symbolize the way she burnt my love. . .
Then I drop that pokemon on Prof. Oak like a boss and went on with my pokemon life.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Why does the internet love animal pictures so much!

Ahhh these pictures make me laugh!  I guess it's better they're put in bread products rather than baked into cake...

My girlfriend seems to think that pictures of animals encased in bread goods are hilarious.  I bet the doggy tried to eat the product!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pokemon Medley (piano cover)

awesome video of a guy playing pokemon on the piano.  I can play the piano, and I'd like to do some things like this.  the guy in this video is far more talented than I am though!!  What do you guys think of this video??